Grazing Tables – the ‘in’ way to dine… and it just so happens to be our passion. Our amazing dining experiences are more than just a selection of incredible food, although we’ve got that covered, their about style and experience which we create through our simple 3-step approach. 

From 20-200 plus people, from a hint of glam, chic and minimal, to earthy bohemian vibes, we’ve got it all. We’re not only here to create a delicious Graze, but a beautiful addition to your event using our props and foliage, thats a feature in itself to feast your eyes on… 


First of all think about the number of guests...

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Our Grazing Tables cater for any size event, from small business meetings to large weddings. All our Grazing Tables are based on ‘The Original’ menu, a beautifully arranged selection of food intricately displayed onto the table or chosen surface. We can advise you on your tableware, ramekins for dips and cheese knives as for this option they are not provided.

1 Metre (20-30 people) £310
1.5 Metres (30-45 people) £450
2 Metres (45-60 people) £610
3 Metres (60-90 people) £910
4 Metres (90-120 people) £1230
5 Metres (120-150 people) £1500

Now you've got the Catering covered, lets think about the Style - take a look at our Options

Our Beautiful Rustic Look. Think Chunky Wooden Boards and Crates to create height and depth throughout your Graze. This has a really Earthy and Organic Vibe. Foliage is highly recommended for this option to add that bit extra.

In addition to The Original menu price:

1 Metre – £40
1.5 Metre £50
2 Metre – £60
3 Metre – £80
4 Metre – £10
5 Metre- £120


Our most exclusive Graze. Stunning props and tableware are used to elevate your graze on all levels, this really is that bit extra. Beautiful marble, gold trimmings and chic ceramics. A real beauty. (foliage and flowers are highly recommended for this option).

In addition to The Original menu price, this option costs a one-off fee of £140.

Bring it to Life with Foliage

And to finish your Graze off perfectly……Foliage! It just takes it to a whole new level. We provide a selection of foliage packages to bring your display to life. Get in touch so we can understand your needs, how your venue is set up and what you are trying to create. Leave the rest to us!

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